Founded in 1996, the first branch of NES language institute was in operation in Chiang Mai province in order to respond to language development of locals, as well as to the rapid growth of the province. Since then, NES has established additional branches throughout the northern region aiming to serve as an educational service provider of excellent learning achievement with international professionalism. This has resulted in the word of mouth which has enabled NES to experience a dramatic growth during the past years with an average of 12,000 students on a monthly basis.

In addition, NES offers a study abroad service, that is, a New Zealand Education Centre which was authorised by New Zealand Education Office as an official agent under the brand 'Specialist Agent', and scored the first rank of the nation under the same brand. This division serves as a consultant providing advice and information on education in New Zealand at all levels and fields. Such the one-stop-service includes:
1.Providing information and advice on a quality educational institute in accordance with a requirement of students
2.Preparing documents and processing an application from the very first step through admission.
3.Reserving a flight ticket, producing a student visa, and arranging accommodation and transport to pick up students at the airport.
4.Following up students� living as well as educational achievement in order to report their parents.


16 Soi Sai Nampheung, Sirimangkalajarn Rd., Suthep Sub-district, Muang, Chiangmai

NES Study Abroad

31 Nimmanhaemin 17 Rd.,Champee St., Suthep, Muang, Chiangmai


100 Chaiyaphoom Rd., Chang Moi Sub-district, Muang, Chiangmai

At NES, the educational system is designed to emphasise on two aspects of development, being; theories and practice. A study of theories, consisting of grammatical structures and vocabularies, is taught by a Thai native instructor as to establish students� confidence and insight. Together with this, students will participate in workshops through communication with an English native instructor so as to develop their language skills in a natural manner which is a process to maximize efficiency. In practising in an actual situation, students will be coached, instructed, and corrected; hence outcomes of development will leapfrog.

A full student follow-up is a system which enables both providers (instructors) and receivers (students) to clearly recognise their weakness and improvement, thus resulting in achieving goals as both expected.

A. An instructor assessment is conducted by students during the second session in order that the instructor will acknowledge a direction plus a teaching method in line with the students� needs. Therefore, the instructor will be able to make an adjustment accordingly.

B. An assessment of learning achievement on a study of theories or for an academic examination is conducted during the first session, called 'Pre-Test', and during the class prior to the end, called �Post-Test�, in order to measure the progress of each student.

C. A progress assessment on each skill of students attending workshops is a concrete measurement conducted during the fifth and the tenth session. This student assessment, based on a progressive scoring system, will be delivered to students or parents.

NES provides a report system for students or their parents; thus, they will recognise the learning progress. This is carried out by the following means.
A. Delivering a student assessment to students or parents via mail or in person after the fifth and the tenth session.
B. Delivering a copy of a test to students or parents via mail or in person every ten sessions of study.
C. Holding a meeting with parents and instructors, kindergarten programmes in particular, in order to discuss and exchange information every ten sessions of study.

NES is willing to bear risk of investment in education of all students and parents through our guarantee policy of repeated study with a study plan perfectly suitable for the students. In a case that students have completely followed a study plan, but do not achieve any progress, they can contact our staff to request for the right to a repeated study, with no charge, within a period applied for. For more information, please contact our call centre 089-635-2050 or baanpasa3@gmail.com