Theerapatr Chathaa

NES Language School delightedly congratulates Mr.Theerapatr Chathaa (N’Non) on winning Government ODOS scholarship (One District One Scholarship) round 4 which grants student full tuition fee coverage for oversea study in Bachelor degree program.

N’Non earliest enrollment was Kindergarten conversation program and Grammar Ladder program, both of which Non started off joining in group class where he made friends with Thai and foreign classmates in a learning-supported environment. 

Presently, N’Non is continuing his secondary school education at Chiangmai University Demonstration School in science and math program in grade 12. In his last year of undergraduate schooling, N’Non trusts in NES to arrange suitable exam preparation and intensive tutoring for college entrance, scholarship admission, and IELTS exam to submit together with his oversea college application.

NES proudly puts the effort in designing his successful education pathway and works alongside his immense concentration during the intensified period of examination process. NES team, with amplified hope, is looking to N’Non’s further achievement as he continues his college study not only in his progressive English competency, but also in diverse areas of life.

N’ Non heartfelt message to NES Language School

“ I am very impressed in NES school for its concrete root in my English language learning since childhood. I have studied at NES for a long time and feel trusted in its program study for potential faculty who conveys comprehensible lesson which is adjustable to student’s language knowledge and learning capability. This is why I enjoy studying English and find it easy. NES always arranges fun English language-oriented activities such as study abroad fair and scholarship granting event, and other periodic open house events.