Phumimet Sumintr

Phumimet Sumintr (N’Phuri) is another NES distinguished student who started studying at NES Language School, JNES location in March 2012. Phuri is currently in Grade 12 at Monfort College with loving support and close attention from his father, Napassadol, and mother, Narumol Sumintr, who tirelessly contribute to his progress in multi-skill development and make the best efficient use of his time. Phuri’s wide passion in academic and sport area play significant role in his accomplishment and engagement in both criteria.

N’Phuri took up his English class for both courses, Grammar and Conversation, at NES for more than a year. It’s a guarantee that apart from obtaining essential knowledge, he did have a memorable learning experience in challengingly fun English class available. N’Phuri received Excellence score on his over-all progress evaluation at NES, Monfort College and St.Gabriel’s Foundation illustrating his English language competency. Additionally, N’Phuri participates and awarded winning prize in several sport tournaments such as running, football and other majors. He is presently a student of Chiangmai FC Academy and had an experience playing with Everton Football Club. Having been such a talented youth in classroom and in the field, N’Phuri is definitely among NES’ remarkable success that we continue catching on with his exciting story.