Sorrarat Moonsan

NES Language School is eagerly introducing our beautiful icon with a bright future in Hospitality management. Her name is Tidchung (Miss Sorrarat Moolsarn.) She is currently a freshman at Chiangmai University in department of Tourism, the faculty of Humanities.

N’Tidchung first enrollment with NES dates back to when she was just a 6 year-old young learner in English language program. She continues her language study at NES up to this day and presently signs up for IELTS exam preparation course on all 4 skills (Listening-speaking-reading-writing), a British English standardized test. Though she is not yet determined where to submit her test score; her careful planning intrigues such intensive concentration on early awareness and exam readiness. N’Tidchung wants to secure her IELTS score to the degree of firm admission from a tentative campus. Her structured test prep period will be beneficial during exam process as it approaches nearer, she gradually makes progress while expecting stress-free outcome and scoring best at the time given for college admission in Master degree program at both domestic university and oversea university, as well as for job application when required.   

NES: N’Tidchung, have you used your English to apply for any scholarship before?

Tidchung: Plenty of experience (giggles) and I won all the scholarships I ever applied and took the exam for. As for example: AFS to Belgium, AYC to America, YES to America, ICE to America, and UCE to America.

NES: N’Tidchung, Have ever you travelled abroad?

Tidchung: I joined Work & Travel program in the U.S.A. for 3 months.

NES: Apart from scholarship admission, have you made good use of your English for any specific purpose?

Tidchung: When I work as a tourist guide, and most definitely I used English when I travel oversea.

NES: Can you make a comment on your experience at NES?

Tidchung: I learned my Survival English here seriously!!

NES: We are so glad to hear that >< hope all of our NES club members make a constructive use with their English knowledge in everyday life. And most importantly, frequent practice and review will surely make drastic improvement in your language