Supakorn Chinnawat

NES is extremely excited to tell you about a multi-talented young learner “N’Smile” (just the name itself is so blissful) or Suphagorn Chinawatr who currently studies in Grade 3 at Prince Royal College. N’ Smile started his English study at NES in Kindergarten 1 or when he was just 3 years old and has continued till today. N’Smile took up both courses Grammar and Conversation which built a firm foundation for his English language learning. His fluency has been developed through English conversation class taught by native teacher. N’Smile is a confident student who doesn’t shy away when he encounters the need to communicate in English or when making conversation with his foreign teachers.

Not only he is good at English, N’Smile is well cared and supported by his mother in being consistent with his study. He is a disciplined learner who constantly gets on with his vibrant lifestyle in various areas such as academic, art, as well as sport and he continues winning awards and prizes where he participates in the competition.

Nevertheless, N’Smile wants to convey his special message to NES members despite his busy schedule and limited time for his English class attendance. N’Smile stresses on the importance of English and its study requirement as it’s a skill-task subject which entails constant learning, practice and review.

NES totally agrees with N’Smile and admires his diligence and determination. If all students receive good education with sufficient care and support, it is a sure thing that Thai youths are at the forefront able to compete with foreign nations. English language skill is an advantage to one’s own achievement and useful when come into contact with foreign friends 

NES will be watching N’Smile growth and his increasingly inspiring talent. We hope he remains NES role model for the time to come.